A Bosch Equipped Diagnostic Centre

DMC Vehicle Services is an automotive engineers (mechanics workshop) owned and run by Dave Weston, in Roath, Cardiff.

We are equipped with the latest Bosch diagnostic system, we can wirelessly link to most modern vehicle electronics systems to identify and rectify faults and issues. Click here to see how we can diagnose and repair your car, commercial vehicle or trucks ECU or electronics.

In addition to our specialist auto-electrical services, we also offer the day to day services you would expect from an automotive mechanic including:
We would also like to take this opportunity to dispel a commonly misheld urban myth, please excuse us for shouting but........ HAVING YOUR CAR SERVICED WITH US RATHER THAN A MAIN DEALER WILL NOT, WE REPEAT, WILL NOT, INVALIDATE YOUR MAIN DEALER WARRANTY. Whatever they tell you, however many pretty courtesy cars (which you pay for in their exorbitant labour charges) they offer you, a main dealer cannot refuse to do warranty work because you had your vehicle serviced at a non-franchised dealer. Don't believe us? How about What Car magazine? Click here to see what they have to say about this matter.

We use only the best quality parts at the most reasonable price. All our parts meet or exceed the original manufacturer specification, click here to see the high quality products that we use in your vehicle.

Why not give us a call and see how we can help you with your vehicle issues.